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What is thermogenics? As most of us know, the word "Thermo" is associated with temperature. The thermogenic fat burners help decrease your body fat by increasing the body temperature, hence burning extra calories which results in loss of body fat. There are many types of medications available which help one to reduce their body fat.

Like any medicines or supplements, there are certain rules to be followed when using thermogenic products. If not used properly, they can cause side effects. While there are excellent results obtained by going in for a short course of these drugs, prolonged use of the same an lead to one's system getting immune to these drugs and hence loss of results. If used too much, they can cause a person to become dependant on the chemicals used in these drugs.

Researchers have observed that the best results are obtained if one uses these thermogenic fat burners for periods less than 5 to 6 weeks. If one uses beyond this period, there will hardly be any noticeable difference in the diminishing of fat. Once one does not see any perceptible result, they should stop using the drug. It is best to keep off the drug for a short period of time and then continue again later on.

Some of the thermogenic fat burner products containing ephedrine and after the FDA warning, these products have been replaced with ones that use a different composition. One should always remember that these drugs are supplements and hence they should be used in conjunction with their normal day to day exercise. If you have been using different products to reduce your body fat, it's high time you tried these thermogenic ones.