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Order Primatene 60 Tablets
Buy Primatene 60 Tablets Asthma is a serious disease and people suffering from it should know its symptoms and the ways to relief and prevent them, medication they use and their proper use. Their relatives, friends and co-workers should be informed how to prevent the asthma episodes, how to best treat asthma at home and when it's necessary to see and doctor. There are some ways to relieve asthma symptoms and the majority of them are taking medicine. Primatene is one of the most effective and cheap bronchodilators and expectorants which restore free breathing and loosen phlegm available nowadays. Primatene tablets with 25mg Ephedrine are used to relieve such symptoms of bronchial asthma as wheezing, cough, tightness in chest and shortness of breath. The main active ingredients of Primatene are ephedrine HCL and guaifenesin. Guaifenesin causes reflex stimulation of bronchial glands drawing water into bronchi. It causes the decrease in the thickness of bronchial secretions and the bothersome mucus is removed. Ephedrine HCL stimulates the central nervous system and cardiovascular system increasing metabolism. In Primatene it works as a bronchodilator and helps to make breath easier.
Primatene is said to be better and cheaper than other bronchodilators and expectorants and to work great.
Primatene is a strong drug and you should consult the doctor before taking it. Primatene should be stored at room temperature (20-25°C) away from children.
Don't use Primatene if you are not diagnosed asthma and if you are taking a prescription MAOI.
Consult the doctor before taking Primatene if you suffer from thyroid disease, heart disease, increased heartbeat, prostate problems, high blood pressure.
Read instruction carefully and follow the recommendations of usage, dosage and storage.

Read instructions carefully before taking this product.

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