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Leptoprin is also known as Anorex which is one of the latest fat loss supplements in the market having gained recognition because of its fastest Weight Loss effects through decreased body fat levels in the over weight people. Leptoprin is the specialized product which is marketed mainly for the over weight people who have genetic character of weight gain.

So far active ingredients are concerned, like various other Weight Loss supplements, the Leptoprin also contains the Ephedrine formula having vital ingredients which include caffeine, Ephedrine, green tea extract, L-tyrosine, cayenne and various other essential vitamins and minerals. In addition to all the above ingredients, Leptoprin also has a type of seaweed popularly known as kelp which is highly effective in managing thyroid function in the human body.

The couple of things which makes Leptoprin the matchless formulation: (1) The especially designed and developed formula of Leptoprin is considered as the proprietary blend hence there is hardly any match of it found in any other supplements that are being sold in the markets. (2) It effects more accurately on the people who have not been satisfied with any other Weight Loss supplements like Xenadrine, Hydroxycut etc available in the markets.
When the most of the Weight Loss supplements are made for the common or general overweight people of the world, Leptoprin is said to have been exclusively formulated for the obese people having reported body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. The most powerful formula of Leptoprin has been compounded with various effective ingredients hence it should be used carefully as Leptoprin is not meant for casual dieter. Leptoprin when incorporated with healthy diets and regular exercises will definitely work for those who have tried other Weight Loss Products but have never been satisfied with the results thereof.

Ingredients of Leptoprin: The most essential ingredients of Leptoprin incorporates natural herbs like Ephedra (Ma Huang), Caffeine, and Kola Nut, the ingredients forming the popular ECA Stack which is the most effective and tested formulation for shedding excess body fat in the far better form that perhaps any other prescription drugs cannot do.
The Green Tea > The Green Tea Extract is considered as the most fantastic anti-oxidant and also it significantly exhibits glucose restraining function hence it is highly effective for regulating blood sugar and killing the eating desires.
L-tyrosine > It may show the beneficial effect on the moods and Kelp standardized for iodine, may boost up the thyroid functioning. Other constituents like Cayenne, Calcium and Vitamin B6 neither help in any significant activities nor harm this compound anyway.